Listing Page:

  • Admin can add new listing by Add New option.
  • Admin can edit or quick edit the listing.
  • Trash will delete the listing product.
  • Admin can manage the listing through filters.

Signup Form:

  • Registration can be completed by user.
  • Valid email id.
  • Captcha validation.
  • Javascript validation for all fields.
  • Email confirmation link sent to given email id

User Management:

  • User management is done by admin.
  • Admin can delete or edit individual user details.
  • Admin can do multiple actions with user account using checkbox.

Login Form:

  • User can login using password sent in                      confirmation mail.
  • Php validation for login form.
  • Reset password option available for registered        user.
  • Reset password link sent to registered email id.

My Account:

  • User can manage account details, messages,          etc.
  • User can add or manage favorites in                         dashboard.
  • Change location can be done in my                            account page.
  • Logout option available in my account page.

Paypal Settings:

  • Setup related with paypal can be done by                  admin.
  • Currency setting for paypal done in this page.
  • Invoice setting for statement done by admin.

Home Page:

  • User can change the language.
  • User can search a product with keyword, category, zip code.
  • Each product is shown with small image, view count, comments, rating, and small description.
  • Product distance and add to favorite option available.
  • Name of merchant who posted the product is shown.


  • Post are shown in list view.
  • Post are shown with small image and short             description.
  • User can add comment for individual product.
  • Rating related with the post is shown.   

Membership Package:

  • Admin can add membership package.
  • Membership package can be deleted all by              admin.
  • Admin can delete the membership package              individually or it can be edited.
  • Admin can restrict the page/post content based on membership package. 

Contact Page:

  • User can ask queries using contact page.
  • User must have to fill mandatory fields before          asking queries.
  • Email, Name and Message is compulsory for          enquiry.
  • Captcha validation.
  • who posted the product is shown.

Email Setup Page:

    • Default email setting like From Email and From Name can be changed.
    • Welcome email, new listing and listing contact form email confirmation managed.
    • Listing expiry emails manages could be done.
    • Email managing for membership expiry.
    • Successful or failure email confirmation for order can be managed.

Advertise Offering:

  • User can post offer using listing available.
  • User by using listing option can post product            in   various category listed in site.
  • Based on the listing price and value of the                product increases.
  • Listing could be in various forms like Free,                Urgent, and Special Listing.
  • User can know about listing by clicking on                particular listing. 

General Settings:

  • Site title, Site address, email address, date &            time format are managed.
  • Admin can manage the mail server.
  • Admin can manage the post.
  • Admin can manage the comment.
  • Admin can manage the logo of the whole site

Setup Page:

  • Admin can change the Layout design for                 website.
  • Admin can edit the current theme.
  • Admin can change layout for each and every           page individually.
  • Admin change the site work as responsive or          not.

Advertise Offering:

  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  •  Building Advertisement
  •  Easy Customization
  •  Different Revenue Model
  •  SEO Friendly
  •  Private Message
  •  Contact Forms
  •  Package Listing
  •  Responsive Design