Start your own Multi Service Business in just 5 Working Days!

This multi service app like gojek includes access to over 70 different types of services including taxi service, parcel delivery service, food delivery, grocery delivery services and others like on demand doctors, tutors, dog walkers, maids, beauticians, plumbers and more, bundled up in clean and intuitive categories for easy diversification. This means, each time someone uses your app to hire any kind of service, you earn a commission. No mess, no fuss, just pure profits!

Our team specializes in creating custom white label on demand mobile solutions for clients from all over the world! Just let us know your hopes and aspirations and we will turn them into reality! The Gojek Clone app is one of the most powerful super apps in the market today and it can be yours in just 3 easy steps! Try the app, talk to us and get your own app with free licensed source code!

Why Choose Our Gojek Clone Script?

We believe in offering real world solutions to our clients and work relentlessly towards ensuring that our apps become the central force towards the success of our clients. We don’t just furnish them with an app, but help them grow their brand with the Gojek Clone app as we offer white label service using which we add the client’s logo and brand name all over the app. We also add custom features per the clients’ requests, such as integration of local language and local currency among others.

The market is ripe and more and more users are vying for a single app that can offer multiple solutions. With our Gojek Clone Script by your side, you will surely make the multi service industry your reign. This global app can be launched anywhere in the world like Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Spain, etc.


It is an asset-creation investment for all the smart-witted entrepreneurs out there because you earn commission on every service rendered. You have to incur just one time cost of buying this product from us and then see the money rolling in for yourself. Every time a doctor’s appointment is taken using your Gotak  app, you earn commission. This commission is a certain percentage of the order value and it differs with different type of product category. Through this app, you are providing multiple on-demand service deliveries such as food delivery, parcel delivery, taxi, medicine delivery, appointment at a spa and even plumbing. The commission charged from plumber will be different from the commission charged from the restaurant. More the service providers you add to your single-platform genie, more commission you earn. Say it’s a pretty relaxed day for a taxi driver in your city suburb area with a single ride request so far, he can deliver parcels and packages in his car during that idle period. So not only service providers are earning more, the app owner earned commission for this service rendered as well.

Major Services Included in Our Gojek Clone App & Website