How We Work

1. SERVICES. Developer team will provide a readymade solution to the client “Company”.
developer team has already shared a demo of application with client “Company” and client
“Company” agreed with all the features and functions that developer team showed in demo app
and admin panel. Client “Company” have checked everything before proceeding payment
process. Developer team has shared all the technologies used in this application development
with client “Company” nothing is hide from client “Company”. Developer team are going to use
some part of code from a template and that template is buy from author of that template with
regular license. Developer team will modify that readymade source code or this template
according to client “Company” business identity. Developer team will make following changes as
mentioned below:
A. Logo Changes
B. Icon Changes
C. Color Changes
D. Splash Screen Changes
E. App Name
F. App Identifier “Package name”
G. Firebase configurations
H. Google Map Api
I. Language
J. Admin setup on client domain and hosting
K. Demo data for testing

L. Some other images if client ”Compnay” want to change client ”Compnay” need to provide
all these images and developer team will make all these changes
M. Content of about us page, contact us page, terms and conditions page, privacy policy page
client ”Compnay” need to provide and developer team will update it on app and web
N. All the features and functions will be same as like demo app that developer team shows to
client “Company”.
O. Developer team will not provide any change in features and functions of the application.
P. If any of the feature and function of the application is not working then client “Company”
can ask for support to resolve these bugs or issues and developer team can take 5 to 30
day to resolve these issues. The time for solving issues is depends on the complicacy of the
Q. Application can be rejected from playstore and appstore multiple times as playstore and
appstore change their policies every month. when Application got rejected or removed
from playstore and appstore then developer team will go for republish it again,
sometimes it will be free and sometimes it will be chargeable as well and its depends on
the policy changes in appstore and playstore.
R. If client “company” faced lot of bugs in the application and all these bugs taking too long
to solve from developer side then developer team can change application and that will be
additionally chargeable.
S. Client “Company” will get 100% same application as shown in demo. Developer team will
change the business identity like logo, icon, color, name, splash, and images.
T. Developer Team doesn’t have any refund policies after starting the work. Refund is
possible only before starting the work. After starting the work on client
“Company” projects developer team cannot make refund for anything.
U. Before work started on the project developer can give the refund of 60% and
40% will be cut from total project cost.
V. This 40% payment is for developer team time invested to explain everything to
client “Company” and prepare all the document and shared all the details with
client “Company”.
W. The source is not developed only for this client “company”, The same source code can be
used for multiple clients “companies” and every client “Companies” will have their own
license for that.
X. The Source code of the application can be shared with client ”Company” after
complete payment and at the time of handover only.
Y. Developer team cannot share admin access to client “Company” during development
phase or setup services phase. Admin access can be shared at the time of handover only,
Before that client “Company” can access admin panel via any remote device like “anydesk,
teamviewer, google meet and so on..
Z. Client need to provide following things:
a. Domain
b. Hosting
c. Playstore Account
d. Appstore Account
e. Gmap Api
f. Firebase Account
g. Payment Gateway Account
All these things client “Company” need to provide separately and not included in the
price that of project that is shared by developer team.

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