School ERP Clone Script for your Business


View total Count details of Students, Total Employees, Total Course, Total Batch and details of activities done.


You can add course details, Description, Attendance details, Syllabus and Working Days for each. View details of Courses and manage them. You can edit or delete them.


Select Course Type, Batch Name, Dates and Number of Students for each batch. View details of batch and manage them. You can edit or delete them as per your convenience.


Select Course, Batch and Teacher for Each Batch who will be available for the Students. View details of Teachers available for each course and batch. You can Edit or Delete them.


Enter Name and Description of Subjects you want to add. Enter a Unique Code for each Subject. View details of Subject available. You can Edit or Delete them.

Assign Subject

Select Course, Batch and Description for whom you want to Assign the Subject to. View details of Subjects assigned. You can Edit or Delete them.

Lesson Planning

Select Course, Batch, Subject, Lecture Code, Topic details. You can manage them by editing or deleting them.

Time Table

Select Course and Batch and enter a name for the table. Choose Days for which you want to set the time table.

Active Time Table

Select Course and Batch to veiw details of Time Table. You can Activate and Deactivate the Timetable.


Select Department or Details of Subject to View details of Teacher Working Hours.

Add Schedule

Select the particular Course and Batch and Name of Time Table to Import and Export them.

Class Schedule

You can set an Academic Term and Dates for which you want to set the term for.


Enter Homework Title and Description of the work to be completed and Submission Date Details and Subject and Classes for whom the Homework is assigned.

News Board

Enter News Title and Description details and Dates on which the New will be available. You can view List of News and manage them..


Enter event details, place and Type of events if its for Teachers, Parents or Students with Date and visibility. You can view list of events available.

Payroll Management

Search Users to set Salary Base. enter Basic salary details, allowances, deductions and Net Salary. You set Hours Base Rate as well.

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