Zomato Clone Script for your Business


The admin can have complete control over ordering system. Also, can enable and disable access certain access to the vendors.

Add Restaurant

Allows to add new restaurant, you can give a details description and basic details needed, delivery time i.e opening and closing time of your restaurant, Location.

Restaurant List

Admin can view list of restaurants added and edit or delete them as per convenience.


Admin can add Food Category which will be available in a Restaurant. Add Sub Category to them, Edit or Delete them.


Add Type of Cuisines available. So the Restaurant can list their food under each Cuisine. You can Activate or Deactive the Cuisine as per availability.

Multi Store

Add multiple locations so customers can locate the nearest store based on the product availability on each location.

City Management

You can add Multiple Cities based where your Restaurant is located. You can update your city from edit option. Delete the City incase if its not available on the location.

Restaurant Order

Admin can view order details made based on each Restaurant. You can filter order by each restaurant.

Menu Items

Admin can add Item for Restaurants, Can Activate or Deactivate them. Edit or Delete Items.

Manage Drivers

Admin can add new drivers by entering their details, Choose vehicle type, License, Insurance details and their respective bank accounts for payments.Once driver is registered, it has to wait for Admin Approval. Admin can either Approve or Reject the Driver..

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